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Weird emails from


Tonight Iэму started receiving mails from like this one:

"Order 56525696KC949474W has been placed through your PayPal account for Instagram presets for Lightroom: the ultimate collection (SKU rni-insta-ultimate), but the price associated with the order ($29.98) does not match the price you've specified in FetchApp ($29.98). This might be an attempt to illegally gain access to your products."

Looks like nonsense. 

Also I can't find order no. 56525696KC949474W in my fetchapp transactions list but can clearly see it in my PayPal account. 

Could you please comment on this? How to resolve it?

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I apologize for this, this is an issue that has cropped up since our upgrade to FetchApp 3.0

As I type these words we are working with our dev team to solve the issue. So this should be resolved tonight or early tomorrow.

Please refer here for more information:

Thank you, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these issues. 

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