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Woocommerce - Not Syncing

We just moved from Shopify to WooCommerce.  Site is live and Woocommerce and FetchApp are talking, but are speaking two different languages.

It synced some product (A-G titles) and some orders (very random).  But WC assigned order numbers that were old order numbers in FetchApp. I added a plug-in to WC so that I could start my orders numbers to match FetchApp.  Now new orders come and it gives the correct order number in WC, but assigns the a FetchApp order number based on the WC order numbers prior to installing the new plugin to set my own starting number.

So, my orders aren't being delivered in FetchApp.  Anybody experienced this and/or know how to fix it?  

I am also getting a gateway error when I try to sync orders or products from FetchApp to WC.


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