Yes! You customer can get their download / downloads by going to a special page in FetchApp.

Each Fetch account has a URL that can be used to look up existing orders in the format of: (where "subdomain" is replaced with your actual FetchApp account name)

Furthermore, you can pass a few variables in the query string to autofill and autosubmit the form:

We still send the email as well, but it's much less important since the customer can get their downloads immediately.


Shopify Integration

** Update as of 12/10/2012 **

Shopify has changed the way their webhooks work and they are no longer instant.  (

You *might* be able to get away with putting this logic in the order confirmation email, but consider removing it from the additional content and scripts field to avoid confusion from your clients during checkout.



You can use the following in your email template:

 ** Make sure to replace subdomain with your actual FetchApp domain **

<a href="{{ email }}&number={{ order_number }}&submit=true">Get your downloads...</a>

Do you sell physical products as well? If so, you'll probably only want to show the link to Fetch if your customer has at least one digital product in their order. Fortunately conditional logic comes to the rescue!

For this to work you'll need to have a common denominator between all your digital products. For example, all digital products (in Shopify) could have "-DD" as part of the SKU. In this case you'd place the following code in your email template...

{% capture downloads %}{% for line in line_items %}{% if line.sku contains "-DD" %}1{% endif %}{% endfor %}{% endcapture %}

{% if downloads.size > 0 %}<a href="{{ email }}&number={{ order_number }}&submit=true">Get your downloads...</a>{% endif %}

What's also neat about this feature is that customers can always find past orders by going to the following page...