I an effort to avoid using deprecated technology, we have removed the Flash-based uploader from FetchApp and replaced it with a modern HTML5-based uploader. For now, all file uploads should be handled within the "files" section of your account, by clicking "add file" in the top right. 

Files can no longer be uploaded directly on the product page. Instead, you can upload all of your files in bulk within the files section, then attach them to each product once they are uploaded to your account with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to "files" then click "add files +".
  2. Click "+ Add files" on the new file uploader (or drag them over the uploader).
  3. Click "Start Upload" to initiate the upload.
  4. Once your files are uploaded, go to the product you wish to attach the files to.
  5. In the "existing files" section, select the files you added, and attach them.
  6. Save the product.

For any questions about this, please contact us at support@fetchapp.com.