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Poor front end design and coding

Also to mention, FetchApp's poor front-end design and coding drives some people crazy. Just one screenshot: – that should not be done this way in 2015 if you want customers to be loyal.

Yikes! Can you let me know what browser you were using? We'd be happy to try to replicate and fix the issues.

Thanks so much for your input!

This one is from Firefox 35.0.1 on Mac.

In Safari the same page looks like this: (i.e. not accessible at all)

Hi Oleg,

I get the following for IE

The Following for Firefox (36.0.1)

And the following for Chrome (latest version)

Seems like it works for me, but its possible that others are also experiencing this issue?

Glad to hear you can't see anything abnormal.

But in the latest FF on Mac all those bugs are still there.

I have even recorded a video for you:

To me it is just poor coding (and total lack of design approach).

Thanks for your input, hard to tell what's wrong from our end. Perhaps you have some 3rd party software running on your Mac that is causing these issues? Or a browser plugin of some kind that's altering the look of the site?

These aren't issues that have been reported by anyone else so I'm wondering if this may be an outlier or something else is causing it. 

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