FetchApp is a pay-as-you-go service, so you can cancel at any time. This is done from the account page in the administrator interface.

Important note: Uninstalling FetchApp from Shopify or WooCommerce DOES NOT automatically cancel your account. You must follow the directions below. This will delete all of your order, product, and file data completely, so it's typically a good idea to export anything you may need before cancelling.

To cancel FetchApp:

  1. Sign into your FetchApp account (yourhandle.fetchapp.com)
  2. Hover over "settings" and click "account"
  3. Click "edit account" on the right
  4. Click "close account" on the right (note: This will remove ALL of your data and storage from FetchApp, so remember to retrieve whatever you need)
  5. A pop-up will ask you to confirm, confirm
  6. You're done! Sorry to see you go.

Note: Account owners are the only people who can access the "edit account" page. If you don't see this page, you'll want to contact your account owner and have them close the account for you, or transfer ownership of the account to you.