System Upgrades

We are applying some long-awaited system upgrades to FetchApp today and will be dedicating the day to bug fixes and/or features and enhancements. 

We have identified an issue with the license keys (merchants are currently unable to add new keys) which we are working through as of this writing.

The ETA for this and any other fixes should be early afternoon. 


Update: License key feature is fixed. 

Bigcommerce store won't sync any ideas?

keys can be added but they don't show up in orders, after order is being resent.

We made some patches yesterday but are still working through a couple of issues. 

Bigcommerce should be fixed and has been thoroughly tested but please let us know if you're still experiencing problems.

Some Shopify orders seem to be returning webhook failures. If this is occurring, please refresh your webhooks in your FetchApp account. We are in touch with Shopify as to what the issue may be. 

Some people are also reporting that license keys aren't being attached, we are looking into what could be causing this as well. 

We appreciate everyone's patience, we are on top of these issues and will have them resolved shortly. 

Updates for today

We have applied patches for the following:

  • The license key delivery issues 
  • Bigcommerce import issues 
  • Shopify webhook problem regarding the POS system purchases for FetchApp digital items (more info here).

We are working to apply system wide fixes and will address all inquiries as well. As of now, we are not reporting continuing issues but please feel free to provide feedback either on this thread or via a ticket and we will be happy to assist.

Thanks so much! We will continue to provide updates here. 

new orders for bigcommerce don't show up again

We have had a few merchants reporting that the API integration with Bigcommerce is failing to authenticate.

We are working through this issue now and will have an update by the end of the day. 

codes still don't show up in resent orders

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