FetchApp Latency

Recently we've received several reports regarding latency and slowness within the interface and "This website is under heavy load" errors. Upon further inspection we've determined the issue to be a database server issue.

We are increasing the capacity of our database server and will be working through modifications to the database to increase efficiency. 

We will post back here as soon as we have scaled up our resources and will address everyone's tickets as we are able to work through them.

If there is an immediate need or question you are welcome to chat us here on this support portal in the bottom right. 

Thanks so much! 

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We determined the issue and made the appropriate short term changes, our response is outlined below:

  • Increased database resources to accommodate additional XML request information due to Ruby 2 upgrade
  • We are now serving application assets from Apache, not the Ruby framework. 

As of now everything has been thoroughly tested and appears to be working, but please feel free to get in touch via the support chat between the hours of 9am - 5pm eastern or by submitting a ticket to support@fetchapp.com
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