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FetchApp is down and generating loss

Dear FetchApp support,

We are using FetchApp for selling digital goods via for about 3 years.

We've been making up to $17k of monthly turnover with FetchUp previously so we consider our business to be more or less of importance for FetchApp.

Today on 21.04.2015 we found FetchApp services completely down. Here is a ascreenshot:

No notice was given to us, we just came across this fact occasionally.

At the moment our sales disrupted and our business is suffering loss.

Would the FetchApp team be so kind to comment on this matter?

P.S. At the moment we are strongly considering changing our product hosting and payment processor.


RNI Team

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Sorry to hear about these issues! We encountered some database issues due to an unexpected traffic spike. These issues were temporary and have since been resolved. We understand, however, that this is a difficult position to put you in with your customers.

I published a forum post today with more details.

If you want to open a support ticket we'd be happy to discuss in more detail any way we can help the situation.

Thanks so much!

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