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Hello Everyone!

The new FetchApp 3.0 is up and running and although we've experienced a few issues along the way, we are very happy with the performance and flexibility it offers. Running on a new version of Ruby and Rails will allow us to quickly develop new features and offer better performance than ever before. Our dev team has been working hard to correct any issues that have cropped up as quickly as possible. 

Today we have cloned our production database into a staging environment in order to perform servicing for the following:

  • Improved indexing for the order tables
  • Offloading XML request tables to a separate database
  • Query tuning to improve performance

We are confident that these modifications will significantly improve the speed the speed and reliability of FetchApp in the admin dashboard and during order deliveries.

We are looking to have these changes completed today. We will keep everyone updated here. 

Thank you, everyone, for your patience during this transition to a newer and better FetchApp. 

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Server upgrades are complete. We had a bit of an issue with some orders being missed earlier but we have re-issued these and they will be sent out tonight as they are processed in our queues.

You should notice a marked improvement in interface speed and load times.

Please open a ticket if you have questions or issues.

Thank you everyone!

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