Issues we are actively working on

Since we've upgraded to FetchApp 3.0, we've seen huge improvements in speed, performance, and reliability of FetchApp. As with many software migrations, a few issues have cropped up that we're actively addressing. Due to the high ticket volume, we are having trouble answering everyone individually in a timely manner, but we are actively working on the following known issues:

  • Emails are coming from "notifications" and not your masked store name - This is due to our upgraded codebase having a few unforeseen incompatibilities with our existing email hosting service. The good news is we are moving our emails to a new service that is more reliable and flexible than anything we have offered so far. This improvement will likely be completed this week. 
  • PayPal Price Mismatch - We are actively working on this problem. This has been getting triggered for all orders, regardless of mismatching price or not. Please filter these items into the trash for now if they are becoming an email nuisance, we will make an update when we fix this. This should be fixed within the week as well. 
  • We experienced some Shopify webhook errors that may have caused some failed orders over the weekend. We are optimizing our importer scripts to handle larger volumes, we will post updates as we complete this work. 

We will be responding to everyone's tickets individually as soon as possible and should be able to provide further guidance on any issues you may be having. 

We appreciate your patience and we are looking forward to releasing and announcing these updates as we have them. 

Thank you!

- The FetchApp Team

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We have actually added a feature that will allow you to stop validating PayPal pricing if you're overloaded with emails. 

In your FetchApp account, on the carts page, scroll down to the PayPal section. You'll now see the following option:

If you would like to stop all PayPal notifications, please set this to "Do NOT validate prices". This will tell FetchApp not to notify you when a product price in an order differs between FetchApp and PayPal. We are also working on updating the Ruby code to make the price verification more accurate. 


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