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500 Internal Server Error

I Have a couple of clients who are using your App. They're calling me to complain about your App not working.

Is someone working to fix this?

1 person has this problem

Good luck I think this is a 1 person thing and they are sleeping. I have been dealing with this since midnight with no replies to emails or tickets.


I've been getting repeated 500 Internal Server Error results for the past day or so both from download links and when trying to edit products destined for my Shopify store. Going to try to follow up on this further, as this is really bad for business and incredibly annoying.


Hey folks...

Sorry about the outage -- I think that's the longest we've been down ever :-( 

We are indeed a small outfit (4 of us), and we actually pay for Managed Hosting via Rackspace for this reason.  It looks like we incorrectly configured the alerts / alarms on our new servers (we upgraded a month or two ago), so Rackspace had no idea we were down otherwise they'd have sorted this out immediately while the rest of us were asleep.

It's totally our mistake, we thought everything was being monitored as it was before (which it just wasn't set to alert Rackspace if the monitoring failed -- which is confusing).  Anyhow, I've talked to Rackspace support and we're going to get everything configured correctly and I've given them special permission to take extra steps as needed.

Again, extremely sorry and mortified about the outage.  We'll be giving a free month to those of you that have opened a ticket with us (or do so by the end of today) letting us know you were affected.


Mike Larkin


Mike, sorry for your trouble, but it would appear it's not over yet.

Though the 501s seem to be dealt with, new orders are coming into FetchApp from my Shopify store but emails are not going out. Have had three orders over the past hour and no emails with download links have been produced. (Also, on these unfulfilled orders, "customer view" isn't working either, so I can't even send my customers the links directly.)

How long do you think it will take to put this right?

Best regards -- Diane



We'll troubleshoot through your support ticket, but everything should be good to go.  Sounds like the customer view was on your end, and with the outtage our email server was flooded.

Hi Mike --

Thanks very much: I just saw those four "hung" emails go through (they cc to me). Breathing a little easier now. :)

We've got a separate promotion running today, so if anything fails to run smoothly in the next few hours I'll let you know.

All the best -- Diane


So, to clarify, this issue has been resolved and we simply "Resend Order"s to those customers who did not receive links when they purchased products?  Thanks for clarifying things if you can.

Yes, exactly.  "Resend Order" is the best route, good thinking!

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