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FetchApp doesn't send emails to customers - this is URGENT !!!

This problem started today around noon (CET time). Orders are listed in my FetchApp account as usual. 

But emails are not sent to customers. Automatic or manual orders = same problem.

I already opened TWO support tickets. NO ANSWER from FetchApp.

I'm losing money here !

Customers are not happy. I had to write to them, trying to explain (although no explanation was given by FetchApp to me). Of course I had to offer to repay them entirely if they can't wait.

For the moment I already had to repay 15.30 euros. Maybe it's not much but I lost this customer, I know it. Plus the time spent trying to find a solution...

I need a solution URGENTLY.

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+1000 to this. Please fix it.

Customers who have ordered today aren't receiving their orders by email, and are already complaining.

There is no record of 'Download email sent' in the order history, although it seems that some customers have managed to download their products somehow.

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