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Update Order Status in BigCommerce

I would like for FetchApp to be able to update an item's status to "Completed" or "Shipped" once a License Key has been emailed (other people might want the same thing for when a download has been completed).

The issue I am trying to resolve is this:  I have products that are nothing more than a license key, so there is nothing to "ship", physically. BigCommerce will allow me to specify that as a "Downloadable product", but then it won't track inventory levels and someone could buy more quantity than I have License Keys in FetchApp.

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After I thought about this some more, the obvious problem--probably not solvable--is an order might also contain physical items that need to be shipped. In that case, marking the order as completed or shipped would be ... bad.

But for those who don't use FetchApp for physical products, the ability to automatically update the Order Status to 'Completed' once the product has been downloaded would be a very good facility.

I am experimenting with FetchApp at the moment and the fact that all my orders would have to be manually set to 'Completed' is rather a problem!

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