Cyber Monday Latency

Due to cyber Monday, we received an inordinately large volume of orders today and last night, and our queues are playing a bit of catchup. We do accommodate for high traffic volume during these times, however this particular Monday has seen a high volume even compared to years past. 

Please keep in mind that your customers' orders are not lost or malfunctioning, they just need a bit of time to process. 

We are keeping an eye on the queues to ensure that all emails are sent out. 

You can inform your concerned customers that they should receive an email with their order within 24 hours, once our queues are able to process the order.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we will be sure to post to the forums with any updates on this issue. 

As of now, orders are being delivered, albeit a bit more slowly than usual. 

Please bear with us as we fulfill all of the orders that have been placed.

Thanks so much!

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