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Fetchapp is down and generating loss

Hi guys.

Fetchapp is down for us all day and we are losing money.
Tried emailing support – no answer for hours.
Tried creating a topic here – it doesn't appear.
Would appreciate any advice.

Many customers are emailing us today to report download errors.  When I try to login to Fetchapp on Shopify, I receive an "Internal Server Error"  Please help!

Hi I am also getting the internal server error across several accounts. Please help. Thanks.

I fear the lights are on (at least for now) but there's nobody home at Fetchapp.

There are no responses here on the forum or on Twitter, and when something goes wrong it eventually rights itself (as if it went wrong with a supplier's system which they fixed without Fetchapp's input).

It's a business that makes residual income for somebody without any maintenance or upgrades, and they've either lost interest or are too busy to bother with it.

One day it'll go down and not come back – I, for one, am preparing a backup plan.

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