Service Interruption: Database Issues

FetchApp is currently working to resolve database issues affecting shops system-wide

We will keep this forum post updated with our finding and progress.

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we work through these issues. 


The majority of the issue has now been resolved. Please get in contact directly if you are still experiencing problems. 

Not resolved unfortunately.

All orders including new and old have no product displaying within the orders or customer view.

See attached screencap. 

Do I need to manually import missing Shopify orders? I have several orders till missing.

Some products (and their license keys) are still missing and many orders still show no product information. I hope this is still being worked on.

I understand your technicians are busy trying to resolve the issue, but an update would be appreciated.  We still have orders outstanding and our customers are not playing nice.

Our problem is that the licence keys sent 3-4 October dropped out and are no longer listed.  We need to resend a key to a customer and the key is no longer on the list although the orders below initially were listed and sent.



These orders were completed and sent 3-4 October but the licence keys dropped out overnight..  We needed to resend one of the orders and it is unavailable or correlated to the order.

 Used licences in the used list are also no correlating to orders.

Most products should be present again with their attached files, as well as order items. If the files were not restored to a product, please reattach them manually, if possible, and let us know so any orders that were affected by the missing files can be re-run. The licenses key lists may require manual restoration in some cases so please submit a ticket if possible.


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