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License Key Management

The license key feature is really nice, except when you get exceptions!

1. When adding license keys, if there are orders without license keys attached, automatically attach a license (perhaps a prompt for confirmation), and send the license details. ie, back order processing.

2. The ability to easily remove and allocate license keys without having to edit an order and remove and re-add the products to the order.

3. A report on unused license keys and used keys by product code? (having to go into each product, then edit license keys, to see the quantities is a bit of a pain. Fortunately I now just have 4 products. I used to have 14.

4. A re-order report, based on key usage, I have a minimum order quantity, so I have to predict my future usage. This can be done based on history, ie, average weekly usage x number of weeks in the future, less current stock, gives me my re-order quantity. You can either specify the number of weeks you want to project ahead, or a minimum order quantity, and it would generate the report for you.

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