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It seems that the service is broken again

For the last 3+ hours no emails have been sent out. This is seeming like this is a continuous issue with this service. I was told that this problem was being addressed?

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Same here!

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It worked for about 5 mins and now nothing again. It's been over an hour since any order was sent out and I have a ticket open and a Facebook post and haven't heard anything back since the original issue this morning.

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I have been having the same issue with my account. Shopify orders are showing up in FetchApp, but e-mails are not being sent. Manual orders work. 

The emails being sent out seems to not be working right now, at least for me. It worked fine over the previous week or so.

Yea mine haven't worked all day and it seems to be a monthly issue with fetch lately.

Sent in a ticket to support. Hopefully they get it sorted out.

It's the weekend....I am going to guess Probably not till Monday.

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