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Shopify and FetchApp purchase notifications are being delivered

Hello, hope somebody can help me with this.

I've just come across FetchApp and am looking at it as the tool for managing digital downloads on a Shopify site I'm developing. So far, so good, I really like the fact that I can add more than the one download item to a product, which is why I'm looking at FetchApp.  I am just using the free plan for testing at the moment.

My question; on the test purchases I've done so far - I get the purchase and download notification sent to the purchaser from FethApp fine, but I also get the Shopify purchase notification. Is this normal? Can I turn off the Shopify notification or have the Fetch App notification delivered with the the Shopify notification ? How do I set things up so that only the FetchApp email notifications get sent? Obviously getting the double up is not ideal.



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 Ah ha. It appears that I got that wrong. One of the email notifications is to the Fetch App download and the other is to the Shopify order details. So there's not a double up at all. Cool.

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