Integrating with PayPal Cart requires basic HTML knowledge.

  1. Within your FetchApp admin, navigate to "carts".
  2. Enter your PayPal email address in the PayPal section.
  3. Navigate to the product you wish to sell under "products"
  4. Click "sell product". You'll be given links to copy to add the product to PayPal right from your site.
  5. Copy the code in the fields and paste them on your site on the corresponding product page.
  6. Profit!

Screenshot for reference:

There are also several things you can change 

Like language, button text, and currency by passing in parameters with your request, an example is below:


Here's a list of things you can override:

  • currency_code (overrides the currency, defaults to your FetchApp setting)
  • quantity (overrides the quantity, defaults to 1)
  • no_note (0 or 1, allows shopper to put in a note. Defaults to 0)
  • no_shipping (0 or 1, hides shipping info. Defaults to 1)
  • shipping (shipping charge, defaults to 0.0)
  • shipping2 (shipping charge, defaults to 0.0)
  • weight (weight of product, defaults to 0)
  • cbt (button next after the purchase is complete, defaults to "Get Your Downloads")
  • return (url to redirect the shopper to after purchase, defaults to your FetchApp setting or order lookup page)
  • no_return (if set to 1, will not redirect the shopper anywhere)
  • amount (override the price of the item, though the product must have the "variable pricing" option enabled in FetchApp)

In addition to these, any other PayPal variables will be passed along (for example, you can change the background color, logo image, etc).

See PayPal HTML variable list for more options.

NOTE:  Some variables we don't allow to be overridden, for example notify_url must always point to your FetchApp account so that we can process your order.  Same with the item_sku and a few other select ones.