First, sign up for FetchApp and Shopify

Shopify steps

  1. Log into your Shopify account 
  2. On the left-side menu, click "settings", then "payments"
  3. In the Payment authorization settings, make sure this is set to "Automatically capture" if you want us to automatically send your orders out once payment is confirmed. If you'd like to review your orders before they are sent, tick the "Manually capture" option instead. 
  4. Save your changes.
  5. In the left-side menu, click "checkout"
  6. Under the "Customer contact" section, under "Primary contact method", make sure the "Customers can only check out using email" is selected
  7. Under the "Order Processing" section, under "After an order has been fulfilled and paid", make sure "Automatically archive the order" option is unchecked
  8. Save your changes, now let's head over to FetchApp. 

FetchApp steps
  1. Log into your FetchApp account at [yourhandle] (be sure to replace [yourhandle] with your actual FetchApp handle)
  2. Hover over "Carts" in the top nav, and click "Shopify"
  3. Under the Shopify section, click Activate on the right
  4. You'll be asked to sign into Shopify if you're not already. 
  5. If successful, you'll receive a success message. 

  1. Create a product that corresponds with a Shopify SKU and upload and attach a sample file to it.
  2. In Shopify, place an order. Make sure it is for the corresponding FetchApp product and the order payment is captured.
  3. In FetchApp, confirm that the integration works (your Shopify order should show up within a few seconds, but may take a bit longer).

Product import

Import your products by clicking "Products" and then "Product Import". Then upload files and attach them to your FetchApp products. Remember that when products are imported, you'll want to upload and attach files each time in FetchApp. 

Purging products

We don't distinguish between physical and digital in Shopify, we just import everything. If physical products are imported, do not attach files to them, instead, when you're done attaching files, hover over "Products" in the top bar and click "Purge Products". Select "Only products without files" in the "Remove" select list and click "Purge Products". This will remove any products that don't have attachments e.g. physical products. 

Additional Info

After you've placed an order from your Shopify store it will automatically be received in your FetchApp account and the download email will be sent out. Any physical products purchased are ignored by Fetch since they don't exist in your Fetch inventory.

Did you notice that each variant in Shopify must have a unique SKU? What isn't so obvious is that each product in Fetch must have a SKU that exactly matches one of your variants in Shopify.

In short, every variant in Shopify will have a matching product in Fetch. This is how Fetch knows which products to deliver when an order is placed through your Shopify store.