Yes! A bit of knowledge of the liquid templating language within Shopify is required to complete this, however.

Access your FetchApp account order page with the email and order number values prefilled:

You will be embedding the above URL into Shopify, while replacing the following:
  1. yourdomain --> Your FetchApp Domain
  2. --> This will be a dynamic variable that Shopify passes, which will look like email={{ }}
  3. number=105 --> This will be a dynamic value from liquid that will look like number={{ order.number }}

    The final embed code will be an anchor tag that will direct the current customer to your FetchApp order page with the proper queries already filled out:

    <a href="{{ }}&number={{ order.number }}&submit=true">Your Link Text Here</a>

      Note that the order number liquid will differ from template to template, the above example is for implementation on the customer.liquid template. Be sure to use the {{ order.number }} variable and not the {{ }} variable, the second will not work in the query string because of how Shopify passes the data.