Dropbox has a nifty feature called Dropbox Saver. This feature allows your shoppers to save their downloads directly to their Dropbox account for secure backup and storage.

More details on their blog:



You'll need to do a few things to use this feature with your FetchApp account:

1) Head over to Settings -> General and enable the "Save to Dropbox" option.

2) Go to Templates -> Page Templates and insert the following snippet in your Order Page template where you want the Dropbox button to appear.  Most people put this right above the line that looks like <ul id="order">

{% if company.uses_dropbox %}<div style="padding-top: 10px; padding-bottom: 20px;">{{ order.dropbox_script }}</div>{% endif %}

3) Make sure the checkbox next to "Publish this Template..." is checked

4) Click on Save Template.