Currently it is not possible to upload files to FetchApp's servers via the API, but we do allow you to attach self-hosted files to products using the API.

You can attach self-hosted files using the item_urls array (key of url and name for each item in the array):

FetchAppAPI::Product.create(sku: "CJ0001", name: "Carrot Juice", item_urls: [{url: '', name: 'audio'}, {url: '', name: 'video'}])

In terms of XML structure, it will look like the following:

  <name>Carrot Juice2</name>
  <price type="float">10.00</price>
  <item_urls type="array">
    <item_url><url></url><name>File 1</name></item_url>
    <item_url><url></url><name>File 2</name></item_url>

For more information on the FetchApp API, please refer here: