Why do my files give me an error?

Modified on Sat, 29 Oct 2022 at 06:13 PM

If you or your customers receive an error when accessing a file, it's possibly due to a special character that created an issue during upload.  When naming your files, it's important to avoid certain special characters.

Characters to Avoid

Avoid the following characters in a key name because of significant special handling for consistency across all applications.

  • Backslash ("\")
  • Left curly brace ("{")
  • Non-printable ASCII characters (128–255 decimal characters)
  • Caret ("^")
  • Right curly brace ("}")
  • Percent character ("%")
  • Grave accent / back tick ("`")
  • Right square bracket ("]")
  • Quotation marks
  • 'Greater Than' symbol (">")
  • Left square bracket ("[")
  • Tilde ("~")
  • 'Less Than' symbol ("<")
  • 'Pound' character ("#")
  • Vertical bar / pipe ("|")
  • Plus ("+")

Characters That Might Require Special Handling

The following characters in a key name might require additional code handling and likely need to be URL encoded or referenced as HEX. Some of these are non-printable characters that your browser might not handle, which also requires special handling:

  • Ampersand ("&")
  • Dollar ("$")
  • ASCII character ranges 00–1F hex (0–31 decimal) and 7F (127 decimal)
  • 'At' symbol ("@")
  • Equals ("=")
  • Semicolon (";")
  • Colon (":")
  • Space – Significant sequences of spaces might be lost in some uses (especially multiple spaces)
  • Comma (",")
  • Question mark ("?")

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