How do I use license keys?

Modified on Tue, 15 Dec, 2020 at 3:06 PM

FetchApp allows you to specify license keys / serial numbers for each product. When an order is placed, FetchApp automatically assigns the next unused one and emails it to the shopper. This is handy if you sell software or products that have unlock codes. 

  1. To get started, prepare a list of your keys separated by commas or one per line. 
  2. Go to the Product in FetchApp Click on "Edit License Keys" Click on "Add License Keys" 
  3. Copy and Paste in your keys and click Add License Keys 
  4. That's it! FetchApp will automatically choose an unused key the next time an order comes in. 

NOTE: While FetchApp does handle the delivery of the file and the license key, we do not secure the file itself, and you may need to build custom functionality to do so. FetchApp always delivers the same file on each order (we do not generate locked files that are opened by the key we deliver). Please keep this in mind as you plan around this functionality.

License keys are a great way to ensure that your product remains secure after purchase. 

Adding Keys

Adding a pool of license keys to FetchApp products is easy. We've put together a short video for reference.

Delivery of Keys

Once your license keys are entered, keys will be delivered in either the email or order template (depending on how your FetchApp templates are configured). By using the following code within a product loop:


{% if product.license_key %}
	License Key: {{ product.license_key }}
{% endif %}


Keys are delivered 1 per product, per order (if available). The codes in that respective product pool then deplete as orders are sent. If you're using an ecommerce system that has inventory tracking capabilities, we recommend you set your inventory levels equal to the number of available keys you have for that product in FetchApp so the product is not available once all keys are removed. 

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