Note: This does not work with license keys. Which must be sent at the time of the order, or with a CSV order import in the future.

Yes! For this, you can use our "update buyers" feature. To allow your customers to place preorders, do the following:

  1. Create a new product and import it into FetchApp.
  2. Attach a placeholder file on the product. This could be a logo for your company or a simple text file with instructions on how the customer will retrieve the actual file when it is released.
  3. Take orders for the product as you normally would. Your customers will receive an order containing the placeholder.
  4. When the product is ready for release, go into FetchApp and attach the newly-released file to the product you've been selling.
  5. Click "update buyers" on the product. Once you confirm, FetchApp will re-send all orders that your customers placed for that product, and will deliver the newly-released file for their enjoyment!

Note: When you click update buyers, it starts a job queue that can sometimes take a while to complete (sometimes a few hours).