How do I use FetchApp with WooCommerce?

Modified on Thu, 04 Aug 2016 at 12:21 PM

Using FetchApp with WooCommerce is easy and takes just a few steps. Follow this guide to sell your digital products on WooCommerce using FetchApp:

  1. In your Wordpress admin, hover over "Plugins" in the left navigation, and click "Add New"
  2. Perform a keyword search for "WooCommerce"
  3. Install and activate the WooCommerce plugin
  4. Go back to "Plugins" > "Add New", and perform a keyword search for "FetchApp"
  5. Install and activate the FetchApp WooCommerce plugin for Wordpress
  6. Once both plugins are activated, you will see a FetchApp button in the left navigation (you may need to refresh after you activate both of these plugins to see this link). Click this link to be taken to the FetchApp settings page in Wordpress. 
  7. You have several options on the FetchApp settings page, and the first step is to add your API Key and Token. To do this, login to your FetchApp account and navigate to the "Carts" page. Scroll down to the Wordpress section. 
  8. Copy the API Key from FetchApp and add it to the FetchApp settings in Wordpress
  9. Copy the API Token from FetchApp and add it to the FetchApp settings in Wordpress
  10. That's all you need! Make sure that the product SKUs set in FetchApp match the product SKUs in WooCommerce and test an order to ensure that the integration works. 

Additional Tips & Settings

Show Debug Messages
This setting will allow you to display any logged errors with the FetchApp plugin in your Wordpress Admin.

Scheduled Sync
Checking this box will tell WooCommerce to synchronize your orders and products every hour. 

Push Incomplete Orders to FetchApp
This setting will allow PayPal orders, that go into a "Processing" state to be delivered automatically by FetchApp. Otherwise, FetchApp only delivers orders that are marked as "Completed".

Use this to access FetchApp if your site is hosted over SSL.

Sync Orders
This will two-way sync your orders with WooCommerce, pulling existing orders from WooCommerce into FetchApp, and pulling existing FetchApp orders into WooCommerce.

Sync Product
This will two-way sync your products with FetchApp, pulling existing products from WooCommerce into FetchApp, and pulling existing FetchApp products into WooCommerce. Remember that you must add files in FetchApp once they are imported in order for them to be eligible for delivery. 

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